Scriptural Sex

The Christian community has been under the influence of Asceticism in this area. I am sure that some of the reason for the position is based on what current Christianity feels is moral. Some of it is reactionary. It was suggested at one church I attended that we get a bus and use it to help people get to church. The reaction was a resounding no. It was totally due to the fact that another church in town was using a bus and they did not want to be associated with that church through a similar methodology.

The same situation may be found in the sexual area. There is evil out there and it is very easy to find. That is why I can understand some of organized Christianity's reaction to avoiding what they perceive as any appearance of evil. I feel the same way, but not to the point of infringing on my freedom as a Christian. Yes, I do believe that we should be careful concerning the weaker brother. A weaker brother is not supposed to stay that way. They are to be taught and they are to grow. Growth is commanded.

While this page certainly will not support unscriptural aspects of sexuality it will raise some honest concerns by those who's view is very conservative. There is more freedom in God's law than most would begin to consider.

So that there is no confusion this page will be talking only about scriptural types of sexuality that are lawful before Yahweh our God. He is the God of Abraham, Jacob (Israel) and David.

If you are a Christian with Christ as your head and King, with His Law as your rule and guide, then you are invited to read this page.

I should also mention that this page is written from the standpoint that the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic, Scandinavian and kindred peoples are the true descendants of Biblical Israel. Please spend a few minutes and read Christian to find out just what that means.

This page will be an active study.