Scriptural Sex

Not So Obvious

This may be a very short article, but the idea is to show some, at least partially, hidden sexual aspects found in scripture. Some have tried to suggest that Christ was totally ascetic in nature. Christ is Yahweh God. Hopefully you will see God as a very intimate and sexual being along with all of His other attributes.

Exodus 26:23
And two boards shalt thou make for the corners of the tabernacle in the two sides.

Seems like an odd place to start when talking about sex, eh? Well, take a close look at the word "sides". It is from the Hebrew word H3411 meaning flank. It is the feminine of its root word 3409 which means thigh.

So we have the sides of the tabernacle of God described by a word who's root means a feminine thigh. Now consider the placement of the holy of holies at one end of those thighs. Then consider what is in that holy of holies. The items in the holy of holies are the Ark of the Covenant that contained two stone tablets containing the Law of God. There was some of the mana in the ark. Also there was Aaron's rod that bloomed.

So let's think about it a bit. The ark containing the stones is like the testes on a man. The mana is like seed or sperm. The rod that bloomed is like an erect penis with fruit or seed. All of this is at one end of feminine thighs. I am sure there is more there that could be mentioned.

I am not the source of this, but everyone who has heard this description could not deny it even if they did not like it. How about that for another picture of Yahweh God?