Scriptural Sex

Sex, What is Intercourse?

The intent of this article is to discuss what is and what is not scripturally allowed intercourse. Feel free to write with your thoughts. If you have objections you must back it up with scripture. Thanks.

We use the term sex to include pretty much anything one or more people can do together that involves enjoying what our genitalia can provide for us. When it comes to scripture however the more accurate term that is most important is intercourse.

Intercourse is the act that has a man insert his penis into another person. That is the most basic definition. This includes vaginal, anal and perhaps oral use of the penis. Scriptural intercourse is vaginal. Improper intercourse is anal. Oral use will be discussed later. Either way a man's penis must be inserted into another person to call it intercourse or be scripturally called sex.

Scripture is mostly only concerned with this type of activity. Vaginal intercourse is performed solely between a man and his woman (wife). Scripture does promote a man performing the same activity with more than one wife. Anal intercourse is prohibited in Leviticus 20:13 and Romans 1:26-27 regardless of whether it is performed with a woman (Romans 1:26) or a man (Romans 1:27). Anal intercourse is also an unhealthy activity and thus the warning in the later part of Romans 1:27.

Intercourse with a single woman is considered marriage. Fornication is not a catch word for any kind of sexual behavior. Fornication is prostitution.

Normal penile-vaginal intercourse, regardless of position, is acceptable. Scripture has no prohibition for this type of intercourse as long as it is not practiced during the woman's menstrual cycle.